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Welcome to Squawk Production Services 

Camera,Sound,ACTION !

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You might wonder what this is all about. It is definitely fun to watch short video clips on social media but there is more to it than what meets the eye.

Of course we all have our telephones handy when the moment beckons to be photographed or filmed - and it is quickly done - but once you go into editing and design things look a little different.


Not only do you need editing software you also need time! Shooting, designing and editing a one minute social media clip can be very time consuming and time is something we usually don't have. The other thing is that there must be some interest in the subject matter. Editing can be tedious but it is creatively rewarding and has no boundaries in  bringing your ideas to life. So, if you are looking for something more elaborate with intros, outros, titles, text, special effects, transitions, music and all around more substance, we can do it for you!


Read on to understand how it works and what we can do to provide you with that clip you are looking for. You can also send us your existing footage and if the quality and format works we can incorporate your material too. 

For this type of data transfer it is important to have either Google Drive, One Drive or any File sharing program.  

Our final product will be: 


1)  One video clip  ( 2 minute length)  for your personal use

2)  One video clip  ( 1 minute length ) for your social media platforms.

The most common platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

However, the maximum length of a video clip for Twitter is 30 seconds. 



How the process works: 

1. Send your bird(s) to the Bird Hotel for a minimum of 3 days.

This can be done while you are traveling or just send them over for their shooting session  

2. Please tell us what you like to capture  ( hopefully the bird or flock is cooperative)

3. There will be a form to fill out to find out more about your bird(s), your vision and what you want to see  

5. It will take 4 - 6 days before the finished product can be delivered  

For more details and pricing please send us an email from the contact form below !


Thanks! Message sent.

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