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 San Francisco Bird Hotel 

Hotel & Spa for Birds 


Business hours: 

Monday - Friday:   8 am  to  7 pm 

                 Saturday:   8 am  to  12 noon 

                  Sunday   :  8 am  to  12 noon 

                                 6 pm  to  7 pm  

Luxury Hotel 




 Welcome to a safe and wonderful world full of feathers and squawks 

We are the first posh Bird Hotel in the Bay Area offering exclusive bird boarding services. Our mission is to provide a unique and caring environment supporting and nurturing the enjoyment, comfort and personal relaxation of every bird in our care.

We are committed to deliver peace of mind when people are traveling and have to leave their feathered friends in the care of the Hotel.

We create a home away from home for birds and we welcome guests of all bird species from Canaries to Macaws and everything in between!

We deliver an unforgettable vacation experience for every pet parrot. 


Integration and harmony is the theme of the San Francisco Bird Hotel !

Holiday Schedule  2020 

Easter                                                              Monday  April 13                                                        8 am - 12 noon 

Memorial Day                                                  Monday  May 25                                                        8 am - 12 noon 

Independence Day                                   Friday July 3 / Saturday July 4                                         8 am - 12 noon 

Labor Day                                                     Monday  September 7                                                 8 am - 12 noon             


Thanksgiving                                             Thursday  November 26                                                 CLOSED 


Christmas Eve                                           Thursday December 24                                                  8 am - 12 noon 


Christmas Day                                           Friday  December 25                                                     CLOSED 

New Years Day                                         Friday January 1    2021                                               8 am - 12 noon                                                                   

What We Do 


 This is pampered parrot paradise! We create the home away from home providing a great vacation experience for every pet bird. 


 Health and Nutrition are serious topics for bird care. Read more about our Hotel Menu and  bird boarding requirements 

Health & Nutrition

Services & Pricing 

Oberhofen Castle2.jpg

My cage is my castle!

Take a look at our castle selection and don't forget to check our travel  "Castle Contest 2019"  

Cage Gallery

We can't change the world, but we can watch the size of our

carbon footprint 


Frequent Flyer 


Join us for "Squawk & Play" our Bird Hotel summer events  hosted from March to September.  

Media & Events


Whether you forgot to buy pellets or want to stock up on toys.Our Hotel shop offers just that and much more. 

Hotel Shop 

Participate in our new "Castle contest" ! Most of our customers  travel to exotic destinations. We thought why not add a little challenge to it.... 

Castle Contest  

Yes,we have created a frequent flyer loyalty program for the busy traveler.  Read up on terms and condition and start collecting points! 

San Francisco Bird Hotel 

183 Utah Ave, South San Francisco,CA 94080

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Call us today: (415) 627 7650 

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