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Alex, the Top chef of the San Francisco Bird Hotel will squawk about nutritional guidelines in this section of our web page. As you can see, we are all grazing on those most delicious fruit and vegetable platters to ensure it meets the Hotel standards. Not every guest applies their usual eating habits while away from home for different reasons. In this important role as a reputable Chef, Alex is adamant that our guests will eat right. After all, we offer exquisite castle vacation packages with a full-blown spa program, and proper nutrition is an important part of it. Our diet should contain a healthy combination of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and the proper amounts of fats. 

Daily we prepare our freshly made fruit and vegetable cocktail. We have Omelet day, rice day, pasta parties or potato tastings. Once in a while we organize "pop corn night". We have many beaks to stuff and have very picky eaters and so we make sure there is something for every taste. Read on- lick on the pictures below- and see what we offer. If you want to catch up on any Health issues please click here "Health" 

Welcome to our kitchen 

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