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Boarding Documents and  Veterinarian care  

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The health of our guests is the most important thing. As we already have mentioned in the HEALTH section,

we diligently monitor everyone’s eating and drinking habits. Some might be homesick or miss their (human) parents,

and at times, forget to nourish themselves. We want our guests to be happy so they can continue to play and enjoy

their stay at the Hotel. Before we call the doctor’s office, we inspect the bird and it's poop in the cage and adjust the

menu accordingly. 


However, sometimes things happen and we do need help:


If any emergency visit is within regular business hours, or for regular vet visits and for less urgent matters, the San Francisco Bird Hotel

is working with  Wildwood Veterinary Hospital in Redwood City. We also take our guests to Wildwood if no primary vet is mentioned in the

client information sheet or if the designated vet is located too far away.  

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Wildwood Veterinary Hospital 

2900 Spring Street

Unit 5

Redwood City, CA 94063

Phone: (650) 366 9453

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The Bay Area is not blessed with specialized avian emergency veterinarians!  

It is unfortunate but the available Emergency Clinics do not always have an avian specialist on staff, and it needs to be understood that emergency services only provide basic immediate care and treatment and then the bird(s) have to be seen by their own designated veterinarian or with the veterinarian of choice of the San Francisco Bird Hotel.  


When any of our guests are in trouble it is important to arrive at an 24/7 Emergency Hospital quickly. We are approx.10 miles away from professional help and work with:   









Our client information sheet is asking for the maximal spending limit in case of an emergency. This serves as an indicator for us to know how much money we can spend if we have to make a split decision while trying to get a hold of the owner(s).  A major obstacle in getting a timely reply from the owner(s) are travel destinations in different time zones. 



Veterinary service rates and medical needs: Charged as per outlay. 




                                                                                                                               Last pointers:



1. Bring your own seeds or pellets:

Our guests are required to provide their own basic dry foods (seed mix, pellets) and/or any special treats not listed on the menu.

It is impossible to cater to all tastes and preferences and therefore we believe that it is best to have the individual

foods on hand as preferred by each guest.


 2. Make sure to bring the filled out boarding contract and client information sheet with you by the time of drop off.

All charges are pre-paid, and we accept cash, checks and Credit Cards. 


3. Please click on the document links below to download: 



                                                                                           Client information sheet  


                                                                                               Boarding Contract


Sage Veterinary Centers

600 Alabama Street  

San Francisco, CA  94110

Phone: (415) 566 0540

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