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Services & Pricing

Many of our bird parents are excited when they searched for " bird boarding near me"  and found us! Our main offering is exclusive bird boarding services in our Hotel and Spa for birds.  What wouldn't fit better to our establishment than the "Parrot Limo". The Parrot Limo has become a very sought for service in the last couple of years, and we have many boarding and day care guests arriving at the Hotel in style. Our Bird Hotel Shop has developed beautifully and can also be visited online. Birdie day care services are growing in popularity and no matter what the circumstances are with your feathered friend(s), we have over 100 beautiful cages  in all  shapes and sizes available for stays of one night or one year.  Besides bird boarding,we do offer expert grooming packages for the feathery community to keep mind, spirit and feathers together.We also administer medication and supplements  upon request for a nominal fee.  


Hotel  & Spa 

Unlike traditional bird sitting services, we want all our feathered guests to enjoy a unique and sophisticated Resort and Spa experience as they chirp,squawk or chat with new feathered friends and our team, while on their well deserved vacation. We’re flexible in all special requests/needs,and make sure the interior decorations of every vacation castle is customized to the taste of our distinguished bird guests. Linens, towels and blankets are available to make the nights more comfortable, and we never forget to leave a treat on the perch before we turn the lights off. 

  ""My cage is my castle"    

For more information about our castle selection please fly to our Cage Gallery

Small and medium castles :  $16.00 per night  


Large castle :  $19.00 per night 

Huge castle :  $25.00 per night  

" Frequent Flier" Discount: 10% long term boarding discount

for more than 15 consecutive nights 

Important Notes:


1) If you prefer to bring your own castle, the same rates apply

according to size 

2) Our rates are per cage. We allow pairs or family flocks in one cage  

The “Neuschwanstein”offers royal amenities and an awesome view.

Cage size: 25 x 24 x 36 inches​


See more of our castle selection in Cage Gallery


Parrot Limo

No car and Uber is not an option ?   No time or in a bind ?


Which parrot wouldn't want to be picked up by the Hotel Parrot Limo? 


Here is an alternative for your convenience:


Vehicle: Chrysler  Pacifica  Mini Van  Year: 2019

Capacity: Carriers and cages ​

Pick up service ( from your house):           Within a radius of 10 miles        $  30.00                      

Delivery (to your house):                            Within a radius of 10 miles         $  30.00                   

Pick up/return (round trip):                      Booked at once/special rate:      $  50.00


Areas beyond 10 miles will be charged with $ 0.75/per mile in ​

addition to the base fee and bridge toll of $ 7.00 if applicable

Special rates apply for destinations in the East Bay or Marin County.

The Parrot Limo has to be booked 36-48 hours prior to pick-up. 


Sorry, the Parrot Limo is NOT available on Sundays !  


 * Important note: This service is restricted to registered Hotel guests only * 

Birdie Day Care

Over the years, besides bird boarding, our "birdie day care" has become more popular. 


May it be only for a one-day emergency at your house where it is best for your feathered kid(s) to be away from home, or just simply because you want them to spend the day with other birds to play and interact. For long term commitments we reserve a castle of your choice for day care services. Complimentary breakfast menu included. 

Day care services qualify when the check-in and check-out is the same day

within regular business hours. 


                                             $ 11.00 per day 


Mind, body,spirit & feathers

Schedule a pedicure, take care of thy beak, or be bold and go for the whole nine yards with a wing trim.

Not only do we value "feather fluffery," but we also believe in nail files. Look no further because the San Francisco Bird Hotel is a

one-stop shop for everything to keep your feathered friend(s) pampered and happy.  Walk-ins are welcome!

Call us first if you are planning to stop by to make sure the schedule hasn't changed. 

We have  Heather's associate Sohni Masood visiting the San Francisco Bird Hotel  every two weeks on a Thursday afternoon from

5 pm - 7 pm. Heather unfortunately  moved out of state but will visit us frequently. Below please find the schedule:

grooming schedule.


Very large birds:                           $  30.00

Large birds :                                 $  25.00 

Medium birds:                              $  20.00 


 Small birds:                                 $ 15.00   





                                                   Thursday   October  29       4 pm - 6.30 pm     Sohni       Small birds up to the size of Amazons / African Greys. 


                                                 Thursday   November 12      4 pm - 6.30 pm      Sohni       Small birds up to the size of Amazons / African Greys 

                                                  Friday       November 27     4 pm - 6.30 pm       Sohni        Small birds up to the size of Amazons/African Greys 

                                                 Friday        December  4      10 am - 6 pm          Heather     All birds. Specialty large birds like Cockatoos and Macaws 

                                             Thursday      December  17      4 pm - 6.30 pm      Sohni        Small birds up to the size of Amazons/African Greys 

                                             Tuesday       December 29      3.30 pm - 6.30 pm   Sohni        small birds up to the size of Amazons/African Greys     


Administering medication

Sometimes Bird Hotel & Spa  guests arrive in need of medication on a temporary basis due to minor surgeries or injuries. For liquid medicine (typically given orally with a syringe), we follow the vet's prescription, dosage and frequency to make the experience as pleasant as possible for the patient and our team (as biting may occur).


                Daily medical care: $ 7 - $ 10  depending  on how many medications are involved

Super  Long Term Boarding 

Long Term boarding is a topic which frequently comes up with our customers. There are times and situations in life where we cannot take care of our beloved feathered friends and need to look for an option to bridge some time until the dust has settled again.  Let it be a temporary re-location  for work, remodeling of the home, an injury or surgery,  or because life just gives us the opportunity to travel for a while. Unless you have a friend or a family member who can provide adequate care for your bird(s), we offer the perfect solution with our "Super Long Term  Boarding" program. We are set up to give your bird(s) the home away from home for 1 year and longer. You don't have to relinquish ownership and you can visit your bird(s) anytime during business hours if your schedule permits. If out of the country we offer communication with your bird(s) via What's App or Facebook. 


We cannot do it for free but we have special rates for this program depending on the size of bird and cage.

For more information please contact us. 


Our Hotel Shop is tailored for the convenience of our clients:

Come and take a look at our selection of bird related items.   

Food:  Zupreem and Roudybush 

Carriers:  Celltei Pak-O-Bird and Go-Go Pack

Toys : bird toys of all sizes, shapes and forms. 

T-Shirts: with the San Francisco Bird Hotel logo 

Wind spinners:  selection of  fun parrot related spinners for your back yard  

Fun Birthday Cards 

Our  online shop is tailored for the convenience of the world. 

Please keep in mind that we are not Amazon and we have to charge for shipping but we do deliver any order personally to your door in a radius of 10 miles. 

Take advantage of it ! 

 Go to Bird Hotel online shop 

Come and take a look at our selection of bird related items.   

Food:  Zupreem and Roudybush 

Carriers:  Celltei Pak-O-Bird and Go-Go Pack

Toys : bird toys of all sizes, shapes and forms. 

T-Shirts: with the San Francisco Bird Hotel logo 

Wind spinners:  selection of  fun parrot related spinners for your back yard  

Fun Birthday Cards 



Sustainability is not a Service. It is a Mindset! 

We in the San Francisco Bird Hotel are consciously making an effort to do the right thing. It is in our best interest to reduce our small business carbon footprint. We are concerned about the environment and try to implement new ideas with conscious thought and purpose. Of course this is not easy and so we decided do the best we can.

Here are our best practices: 


1.  Water

Our guests might not drink that much but they do have the option. They also enjoy taking a bath in their water bowl - everything is allowed.  We change our feathered guest's water twice a day but we don't just jug it down the drain. We strain the water, free it from any debris and give it to our plants in the front yard. We love our sunflowers! 

2. Newspaper

Our guests love to read, shred and soil the newspaper inlays in their castles.  We change the paper every morning. Newspaper is recyclable. Bird poop on the other hand has too much acid content and has to go into regular landfill trash. We contacted our local trash company's chemical department  and so since 2015 we put the soiled newspaper into the compost bins along with the food waste our guests produce when they don't eat everything. We are quite happy to contribute to the local compost program.  



We stopped buying bottled water. Our human team agreed to use their drinking bottles and we have a general 5 Gallon jug in the kitchen so everyone can help themselves. Plastic bottles are the number one polluters of our oceans and represent the biggest threat to all fish and  water creatures. While it's almost impossible to avoid plastic we prefer to buy glass bottles,which are recyclable, when we have the option.    

For our Squawk & Play ™ events we use plastic cups and plastic cutlery and we wash them after our events so (unless something breaks) it can be used again. 



My personal concern for mother earth is the trash we produce. Our streets, parks and  freeways are extremely littered and so in my spare time I go and pick up trash along the beaches, parks and our own front yard. The San Francisco Bird Hotel is working on a local initiative to  sponsor a trash pick up day in conjunction with the city of South San Francisco. Stay tuned on this subject ! 

I need more information - get in touch

San Francisco Bird Hotel 

183 Utah Ave, South San Francisco,CA 94080

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