Meet our Team 

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Daisy - V.P. of Bird Resources  

Daisy swiftly and professionally takes care of all Marketing and administrative duties for the Hotel and is in charge of the necessary Boarding Agreement which needs to be filled out and signed by the human companion of our guests by the time of check-in. Daisy has lead the internal efforts to ensure our bird boarding rates remain affordable to bird parents. When Daisy doesn't fly from one meeting to another she happily takes five minutes out of her busy schedule to greet our guests.


Eddie - Director of Recreation and Entertainment 

Due to his extraordinary talents, Eddie, bonis avibus, became a scholar of the Latin language. He also devotes his time to classical music and poetry readings. Eddie has a variety of duties at the hotel. He has integrated meditative activities for mind, body and feathers to the hotel’s entertainment schedule. He also encourages every guest to sign up for his daily poetry readings and evening yoga sessions, which is scheduled in the big bird room. Eddie was promoted to Director in 2011, and has been unstoppable in his endeavors ever since.


Alex - Top Chef  

Alex is the “foodie” in our team. He makes sure that only the best will be served in the San Francisco Bird Hotel.The daily hotel menu is meticulously sampled and approved by Alex' taste buds before being offered to our guests. He is always searching for the right combination in texture and flavors. In 2010 Alex introduced his water tasting events to the activity schedule, and ever since, has been leading our Nutrition and Health Department.

On the weekends you can see Alex strutting around the local Farmer's Market. 


Birgit - Founder and Owner of the San Francisco Bird Hotel   

The creation of the Bird Hotel provided me with unlimited opportunities to learn about entrepreneurship and business administration. My duties in the Bird Hotel cover everything from janitor to CEO.  I also can look back to a wealth of bird care experience beginning over 20 years ago. I was always surrounded by my flock of Amazon parrots. I grew up with “Neptun”, my childhood pet cockatiel whom I had to leave behind in Europe when I left my nest. I speak fluent Amazonian, Cockatilian and Toucanian, and I am proficient in Budgie talk and African-grey slang. I love them all and I can relate to their moods, desires and needs. It is a pleasure for me to get to know them, listening to their story telling and individual contributions to the occasional sing-along’s in the Bird Hotel. To learn more about me, please go to


Boogie - Hotel Shop Manager 


Boogie definitely has the smarts to manage a successful Hotel shop. He decided to begin with a physical store in the Hotel before going online so our guests are able to browse whenever in the mood for shopping. His duties include a variety of tasks to keep the Hotel Shop up and running off and online and making sure he has the most popular items in stock for our bird boarding guests. . 


Diamond  - King of the Hotel  


Diamond in his many roles at the Hotel,is also Head of Security. As such, he oversees our building security during the day. Diamond takes his duties very seriously. In his free time he loves to smell the flowers! 


Axl and Lily  - Hotel Concierge desk


 Axl and Lily have taken over the Hotel's concierge desk in 2014. It is here where they perch to oversee that all the needs of our guests for boarding will be met. No request is too small or too large. Axl and Lily make sure to deliver a pleasant and memorable vacation experience at the San Francisco Bird Hotel. 


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