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If you cannot find the answer for your question here, please give us a call or shoot us an email with any additional concerns or inquiries.  

Phone: 415 627 7650                     

1. What should I bring for my bird? 

Generally speaking, you should bring everything your bird likes! This can be toys, rope perches, cozy huts, mirrors, or anything else your bird enjoys. Every bird likes toys! If you don't have any toys or forgot to bring them, we offer toys in our hotel shop. 

2. Do I have to bring my own food?

Yes, we are asking our customers to bring their own dry food, special treats or any specialty mixes. The reason is because there are so many dry food options out there it would be impossible to please every single guest. And as we bird lovers know - our feathered friends prefer what they like best. We provide daily fresh food (fruit and vegetable) and hand out snacks in the afternoon. To learn more about our feeding routine please click here


3. Do I pay the same rate when I bring my own cage?

Yes, the rate is the same as if you use one of our cages. If you decide to bring your own cage (mainly done for Parakeets and Lovebirds) it is important that the cage is clean and functional. 

4. How do you clean your cages?

We have a cage fleet of approx. 130 cages we maintain at the Bird Hotel. Every cage will be steam cleaned and washed between every bird guest's stay. We use a steam cleaner for hot water cleaning and a vinegar/water mix to kill any bacteria on the cages. Our cages are immaculate. 

5. Do you require a health check of my bird(s)?

Yes, we do. We are asking for a CBC (complete blood count) which is a basic blood panel a gram stain and a fecal test.   To read more please click here

6. What time do the birds go to bed at the Hotel and when do you wake them up? 

We know that every bird enjoys a different schedule at home. Here, at the Hotel, everyone has to go to bed at 7 pm and will be woken up at 8 am.  

7. My bird is fully flighted. Is this a problem? 

No. We do not require clipped wings.  We leave this up to the discretion of our customers. We have a small flight room for birds wanting to fly a lap or two:)  


8. My bird(s)are out of the cage all day at home. Is this also possible at the Hotel? 

For safety reasons we are not able to leave the birds out of their cages all day long. The Hotel is a lively place with a lot of commotion and activity. Not every bird is used to this and could get startled. Other birds start wandering around and create havoc and others again are happy to just hang out on top of the cage or the play stand. Every bird will get supervised cage out time whenever possible. Only when the Hotel is fully booked, we do not allow any cage out time for safety reasons.


9. When my bird gets cage out time is he/she by herself? 

Yes. We do that individually under strict supervision. However, we do organize supervised cockatiel parties, Macaw get-togethers and Cockatoo meetings.  This is not to be suggested with Conures, Poicephalus or Amazon parrots, because of their slightly more aggressive personalities. 

10. How do you tell the birds apart? Have you ever mixed up any birds?

We are in business for 15 years and NO- we have not mixed up any birds yet. Every bird is different. They might look alike but their personality or certain characteristics are completely different. Not to mention that some of them say their names.... 


11. Can I stop by for a hotel tour? 

Of course. We are happy to show you around anytime during regular business hours. Give us a call and schedule a hotel tour. 


12. Is there anyone at the Hotel at night? 

The Bird Hotel is secured with an ADT alarm system. We are here 12 - 14 hours every day (7 days a week) and turn on the alarm system for the night. On major holidays when the Hotel is booked out, we do have people here at night to make sure that all our guests sleep well. 

13. Can I check in on my bird(s) and do you send pictures or videos?

Every day we post a picture of any of our guests on Facebook and Instagram.  As per request we send pictures by text and by What's App but limit our media communication to a reasonable number per stay.  Since we operate 100% with an Android Cell phone we can accommodate "What's App" users but we cannot deliver "Facetime". 

14. Can I have a Facetime or a What's App video chat with my bird(s)? 

Unfortunately, we have stopped doing this because it is disruptive to our daily workflow, especially in busy times.  We don't have the required staff to handle these calls. Sorry folks. 

15. Can I install a camera in my bird's cage? 

This is a common question for people traveling to other countries for a prolonged period of time. We have experienced some issues in the past with this concept. Beware of the time difference between your location and our location and the fact that we cover the birds for the night and the rooms are dark. Secondly, we dealt with WI-FI and/or Bluetooth issues, especially during (our) nighttime which interrupted the camera stream.  

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