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"Squawk & Fly "

Frequent Flyer Loyalty Program
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We are very excited to introduce our new 

"Squawk & Fly" Frequent Flyer Loyalty Program.


All our customers fly a lot and deserve a reward for their efforts.  It is easy to join and fun to participate. Let your bird(s) collect frequent flyer miles to save up for a great Spa vacation at the San Francisco Bird Hotel.Take a minute and look over the different program options and let us know what suits you best! 


Terms and conditions apply.  


The What ...

We created the supreme San Francisco Bird Hotel loyalty program which does do justice to our patrician feathered guests. We ruffled our feathers and created the best possible frequent flyer program for our eclectic frequent flyer guests so they can collect points to eventually enjoy a free weekend of our luxurious complimentary amenities including our Spa program, snacks, play and socialization or a revitalizing foot massage.

The How...

The Frequent Flyer Loyalty Program is limited to one (1) person per household.

 Just let us know one way or another that you want to sign up.

 Send us an E-mail, call or squawk to us in person.


Terms and conditions apply

The Program...


"The Works" – Body, Mind and Feathers 


"The Works" also known as the whole nine yards rewards program offers both, our frequent flyer guests and their human, the opportunity of earning points with ease for redeeming free San Francisco Bird Hotel nights plus one posh complimentary Bird Hotel Spa session.


Each visit (with a minimum of 3 consecutive nights) accrues 100 points. After 1000 points within 1 (one) calendar year, frequent flyers receive a complimentary hotel stay of 3 days and 2 nights. (i.e. Friday to Sunday) plus one complimentary Spa session in the form of a grooming session. We have this program in place since 2019 and many of our fine guests have signed up and collect valuable points during the year.  Again,100 points per stay! One stay is the equivalent of one booking. One stay can be between 1 night or 1000 consecutive nights. 10 separate stays (bookings) are needed to earn 1000 points! 

This program was implemented for the avid business traveler or the enthusiastic vacationer.  

Minimum nights        Points per stay       Reward Points necessary          Time Range               Rewards                  Amenities               Total necessary stays 

"The Works":                   3                               100                            1000                              12 month               2 nights/ 3 days          Spa treatment                   10         

Give me wings ! 

Thanks! Message sent.

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