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We deliver an unforgettable vacation experience for every pet parrot. We welcome birds of all shapes, sizes and personalities.

We create the home - away from home where our guests can perch and play while their humans are away. 

We have one goal that we live by delivering  100% reliable and trustworthy bird care and  boarding services. 

Please peruse our website to find what you need . 


This is your first time here ? Scroll down and get to know us - you'll find our story here  in text and pictures ! 

We have converted  5400 square feet of sunny, warm and inviting space into several luxurious bird rooms,conveniently located near the San Francisco International Airport. We have a fleet of over  95 rental cages of varied sizes to best accommodate every guest.

We offer all the amenities of an unforgettable parrot vacation in the five star Hotel & Spa for Birds. Learn more

Our exclusive Parrot Limo™  service offers parrot transportation to and from your home to the Bird Hotel.  Learn more

Interested in bird nutrition and our Bird Hotel menu? From our complimentary breakfast buffet to our healthy afternoon snacks. Learn more   


Want to read up on health issues and bird boarding requirements.  Learn more  

What if you forgot something? No worries.  The San Francisco Bird "Hotel Shop" carries all high-quality

items for a guaranteed great bird vacation. Learn more 

Want to see our media coverage and check out our  Event schedule ?   Learn more 

Our Story 



The San Francisco Bird Hotel begins as a hobby in a private residence. We start like any other classic family-operated micro business – from scratch. There are four of us - one human being and  Alex, Eddie and Daisy  the  three Amazon parrots. Birgit is in charge (or so they let her believe) and the other three “help out.” This is the beginning of a beautiful journey!


One year into the Hotel "experiment" Birgit is still able to hold a full-time job and things at home are manageable but the one dedicated bird room starts to look crowded, especially during the holiday season.  What better time than to publish our first website. 

After continued increases in boarders, Alex, Eddie, Daisy and Birgit call for an “emergency meeting.”

We realize that this little hobby has taken on a life of its own. In fact we have developed into a reputable small business! The “Parrot Limo” is introduced as our first value-added service, providing transportation for our feathered guests to and from the house. Birgit quits her job and takes the leap into a new and awesome adventure.

2010 - 2013

More growth! In one year alone, the San Francisco Bird Hotel had a total of 87 bookings! A new record! We were elated but exhausted. Alex started hinting at needing a vacation and Eddie and Daisy wanted raises. It is time to think about expanding. 

 Birgit acquires  the Pet Sitting company "Squawk & Howl," realizing that boarding is not always an option, especially for households with  multiple animals. We complement our boarding services with professional, parrot-centric “out of the cage” bird sitting services. This venture added serious logistics. Birgit is on the road all the time. The rest of the team pitches in as best they could with Daisy answering the phones, Alex taking over the kitchen duties, and Eddie developing entertainment programs for our guests. It's crazy!  Another emergency board meeting is called and the team decides it's time to bring in another “human.” Only as a team we are able to accommodate the 154 bookings in 2011.

In 2012 the birds finally take over the house! There is no more room! Furniture is dragged out piece by piece and replaced with birdcages and play stands. With over 214 bookings annual  bird boarding bookings it is clear that the San Francisco Bird Hotel has to find another location – someplace bigger where we can accommodate all our feathered guests.

A whole year of looking for a new location for our Bird Hotel. We discover that not everyone is as excited about a Bird Hotel as we are. Our team expands in 2013 with the addition of Axl and Lily, two Goffin cockatoos, and Boogie, an African Grey. The vote is unanimous – we MUST find a new home! Birgit is tasked with location scouting while the new members take up their duties – Axl managing the Hotel concierge desk, Lily opening a nail salon and Boogie is thinking about a Bird Hotel Shop.The additional help came just in time as the Bird Hotel received 373  bird boarding bookings in 2013.

2014 - 2016

Finally, Birgit reports that a space has been found and after months of bureaucracy, a lease is signed! “Pack your bags!” she cries “we’re moving!” And on January 14, 2014 we do exactly that. The new location of the Bird Hotel is close to San Francisco International Airport. The gang is excited about moving into the 5,400 square foot building which provides plenty of space for the 38 rental cages as well as large play areas. And the move couldn’t have come at a better time, as there are 395  bird boarding bookings in the first six months of 2014 and the year finishes strong with a total of 527 bookings. It has to be said that one booking can cover multiple birds. Luckily, a new team member has just joined, Diamond the Macaw, who quickly brushes up his skills in Customer Service. 

In 2015 the Bird Hotel still operates on “Word of Beak” marketing. By now many dedicated believers flock to Yelp to leave their reviews about our services. Our team keeps on growing. Two more humans join the flock to take over different tasks. Our cage inventory has grown to 55 and volunteers spend time with the birds. We unveil the Chirp room for our tiny guests.The Hotel develops into a full blown operation with regular business hours. We are no longer able to offer in-house pet sitting. Squawk& Howl closes down in 2015. And by the end of that year we have 856  Bird Hotel bookings.

2016 is the most intense year in the history of the Bird Hotel. First, our building is remodeled with new windows and doors,and than we decide to expand again! We leased a second building unit and things are bigger, better and even more exciting than ever before. We created the Macaw room, our cage inventory grows to more than sixty different types of cages,our staff keeps on changing and we know that the Bird Hotel has another growth spur. In short,we are incredibly busy keeping up with the demands to create the ultimate bird vacation spot. In 2016 our Ten Year Anniversary party is an unforgettable experience and going down memory lane brings (happy) tears to my eyes! 

2017 -2018

With a lot of work and perseverance we continue to create a magical bird vacation place, an oasis for birds and a place filled with peace and happiness.We are going strong all year long. Our Squawk & Play events are introduced creating community for human and bird. Our human work force has increased to eight steady helpers including an Operations Manager. We have a weekend team, an IT guy, a book keeper and Marketing staff. The working days are long , our average occupancy are between 50 - 80 cages on a daily basis.The years 2017 and 2018 produce the record number of bookings with over 1287  and 1507 respectively.   

Since 2006, we have met many colorful members of the Bay Area's bird community, as well as the lovely people who care for them. Our extended “family” continues to grow year after year and we are eager to learn what the coming years will bring. 

About us in Pictures

This page is dedicated to show the development of the San Francisco Bird Hotel  in pictures from  2011 to now.

There is so much to tell and even more to show so  we let our pictures do the talking.  After all a picture is worth a thousand words ! 

Click on the pictures, hover and  enjoy the journey through time! 

San Francisco Bird Hotel 

183 Utah Ave, South San Francisco,CA 94080

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