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5 Friendly Companion Birds That Make a Great Pet

There are so many companion birds in the world you can consider adding to your life, such as parrots, cockatoos, and everything in between. Deciding which species would make the best pet for you can be challenging. Of course, each bird has its pros and cons, but some are friendlier than others when it comes to being handled by humans regularly.

If you’re looking for a small companion bird that will still give you plenty of love and attention, we have compiled a list of the friendliest companion birds that will make a great pet.

Why Do Companion Birds Make Such Great Pets?

If you are thinking you might add a new feathered friend to your family but are a first-time bird owner, we can suggest a few species that we know would make a great companion. Budgerigars, canaries, lovebirds, African grey parrots, and cockatiels are the best pet birds for beginners. When selecting one, you should always consider the space available for your birds.

Don’t forget to think about their lifespan when deciding which birds are best for you. Many bird owners give up their companions after several years, which can cause these pets to grow depressed. Think carefully before you commit to bird ownership and choose one that fits your life plans.

Which Companion Birds Are Best For First-Time Bird Owners?


Lovebirds are small/medium birds native to South America. They’re very friendly, social birds that make great companions for first-time bird owners. Lovebirds are easy to care for and thrive in environments with other lovebirds or parrot species. However, they may become aggressive and experience psychological distress if housed alone. Lovebirds can live between 8-20 years and need a spacious aviary with plenty of toys and colorful perches.

Lovebirds are very social birds that need plenty of interaction with their owner. They are best suited for people with plenty of time to spend with their birds. To give your bird an enriching life, be prepared to spend money on a large cage, toys, and other enrichment items.

Lovebirds are very energetic birds and can be heard chattering and squawking throughout the day. They are also very loud when they are mating. However, you should consider a different species if you are only interested in owning a single bird, as they grow lonely when alone and are happiest in pairs or groups. Lovebirds enjoy being handled and will often mimic human speech.


Also known as budgies or parakeets. Budgerigars are curious, colorful, and very social birds that originate from Australia. They are smaller species of parakeet that are best for beginners looking for small pet birds. Budgerigars are easy to care for, friendly when handled regularly, and make a great starter bird for children. They are social birds that enjoy spending time with their owner and can be very affectionate. Budgies are best suited for people who can devote considerable time to their birds daily. Budgerigars enjoy being handled and often whistle and chirp while out of their cage.

Living to around 12 to 15 years, the budgerigar is an excellent choice if you want a small parrot to make a great companion. These are great birds to keep as indoor pets because they are more into chatting and chirping than screaming. If you plan on keeping your budgies as indoor pets, you should provide them with a spacious aviary that includes plenty of toys and perches. Budgerigars are very social and will thrive if housed with other budgies. If you want to keep your budgies with another bird species, you should introduce them to others when they are young birds. Budgies do get along with Cockatiels and they can be paired up in the same cage.


Canaries are small birds that are native to Europe and Asia. They are very social and affectionate birds, best for first-time bird owners. They are easy to care for and are an excellent choice for children. Plus, canaries are affordable birds to purchase, so they’re also a great choice if you’re looking to start with a lower-cost companion.

Canaries are best suited for people who can spend a few hours a day interacting with their birds. They enjoy playing with toys, singing, and being groomed by their owner. Pet canaries usually live between 7 to 10 years and are very social birds enjoying spending time with their owner. They can be loud but and like to sing beautifully, so remember that you will hear them throughout the day. So, if you want a quiet bird, it might be best to steer clear of the social canary!


Macaws are extremely intelligent and colorful birds from Central and South America. They are a large parrot species, best for advanced bird owners. Macaws require plenty of space and are noisy birds that are best suited for people with an abundance of time to devote to their new companion. They can also be very destructive if they don’t receive enough mental and physical enrichment.

Macaws at first can be intimidating but generally are very affectionate, and once you have earned their trust, they are most loyal, and it can feel like having a love affair. They are considered one of the best companions for people looking for a larger and more challenging bird species. Macaws usually live between 30 and 50 years and are best suited for people with plenty of room in their home who can spend plenty of time interacting with and challenging their birds. They are brilliant birds that talk, can learn tricks but require plenty of toys and other enrichment items that will help your bird stay physically and mentally stimulated.

African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrots are medium-sized parrots that originate from Central and West Africa. They’re brilliant and inquisitive birds that make great companions for first-time bird owners. African Greys are very social and enjoy spending time with their owner. However, they require plenty of space in their cage and attention from their owner. These birds will not thrive if they are alone in the house. If you want to house your African Greys with another bird species, you should introduce them to each other as young birds. Doing so will help them form trusting friendships from the start. We have seen African Greys paired with Amazons or with other African Greys.

If you are looking for a beautiful, large parrot that will make a great companion, then the African Grey Parrot is an excellent choice. These birds enjoy being handled and will often mimic human speech. African Grey Parrots usually live between 35 and 50 years. They enjoy playing with toys and having one-on-one time with their owner. They are also very loud birds and can be heard throughout the day as they enjoy talking to their owner and themselves. If you want pet birds that talk, opt for the African Grey. Not only do they mimic human speech, but you will have to deal with other sounds they mimic like the doorbell, ringtones, microwave, fire alarms and car alarms. The African Greys are an excellent choice for people with plenty of time to spend with their companions.

Show Some Love To Your Companion Bird: Send Them to the San Francisco Bird Hotel

If you’re not able to spend enough time with your bird and you are worried that you might not be providing enough enrichment and mental stimulation, it may be a great idea to give them a vacation at the San Francisco Bird Hotel. We strive to offer the best services for bird boarding. We’ll provide bird care, enrichment, and socialization while your bird is staying with us. Your feathered friend won’t be able to wait until their next visit! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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