Squawk & Play 

The Bird World provides an endless opportunity to become informed and educated. As hosts for so many varieties of parrots, we constantly work to broaden our knowledge, and in turn, want to share that information with our patrons. Since 2015 the San Francisco Bird Hotel hosted a number of successful events. We meet for our Squawk & Play™ events every last  Saturday of the month  from March to September.  We offer a blend of activities for the afternoon. We have toy building materials, we paint, we draw, we just socialize , we forge friendships  and we just have fun!  We try to schedule educational talks whenever possible. For 2021 we have a number of new events in our Squawk & Play event series and invite everyone interested to socialize creatively.  

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Squawk & Play 

 We have our usual display of toy making materials and other opportunities to dive into different handicrafts.

There will be a pricelist for every finished toy or other creation.


Squawk & Play events are scheduled from March to September every last Saturday of the month. Sometimes we have to re-schedule due to holiday weekends. Date changes will be announced on time. 

We had a blast all year long (2021) with our themed parties and we are proud to have created  a social platform where bird people can meet, build toys, create friendships, have fun, and talk "bird" !  


 We look forward to a FUN, feather-flying series in 2022 with a few soaring events already in the works for our ever

growing flock of bird-loving friends.


We schedule our events on the last Saturday of each month starting at 1:00p.m.  They are typically potluck style while we also provide some food and drinks.


We look forward to seeing you at our next event!


Your San Francisco Bird Hotel Team

Events  2022 

Feather 4
                                          Squawk & Play          
"The create something Party"
                           Saturday June 25    1 pm - 4 pm 

Before we gear up for hopefully another Luau in July let's do something simple. 

There will be plenty of things to do with our regular toy parts display, painting something or building a dream catcher

from scratch decorated with feathers or for that matter anything else with feathers. 

Put on your creative hat and think of something beautiful. 


We stick to our regular potluck - start with an interesting creation of a dish. 

We will create some mix drinks and have wine and sodas. 

Bring your helper bird(s), your creative spirit and just hang out and have fun!   


No RSVP needed 

Feather 4
Squawk & Play May 21 2022 "High Tea at the Bird Hotel" 

We had to cancel our event in April and postponed to May 21 2022. Finally after three years we were able to organize another High Tea. 

We had all seats and perches occupied for the event. The tea was delicious and we had a good selection of crumpets, scones and sandwiches.

We also had a great selection of stylish hats and of course we saw some supercool toys. Everyone had a great time with tea, food and birds!  

Squawk & Play March 26 2022 "The Spring Equinox Party"

After a (busy) six month break we are back! We decided to do a spring party and it was a pleasure to see many familiar and a few new (feathered and human) faces.  There was a lot of squawking and chatter in the room catching up on things and reconnecting. Many beautiful toys were built and as usual we had a great selection of food and drinks. It was peaceful, relaxed and pleasant.  This is the best way to start off a new year of new events.  

20220326_144221 (1).jpg

Our Events  2021 


Squawk & Play September 25 2021

The big finale of 2021,the Oktoberfest, was just awesome.  Birds, Brats, Buns and Beer . This combination is hard to beat. We had approx 35 flock members celebrating, socializing, laughing, eating and playing. Great fun for everyone.  


Feather 4
20210925_133318 (1).heic

Squawk & Play   August 28  2021

Our international party was a great display of a global food selection according to the origin (and beyond) of our birds. We had approx 25 people attending and between socializing, meeting old friends, making new friends,  talking bird and diving into our pile of bird toy materials everyone had a great time hanging out and relax.      

20210826_092911 (1)_edited.jpg
Mexican food edited.jpg
toy edited_edited.jpg

Squawk & Play    July 31  2021

Aloha !!  Our Hawaiian Luau was epic!  We had a great outcome with close to 40 flock members joining us to listen to Ukulele music, enjoying good food and having fun! 

This event is hard to beat and we definitely will have another Luau in 2022.  

20210731_141745 (1).jpg


Squawk & Play   June 26  2021 


Yeeehaaa !   The Wild, Wild West was at the Bird Hotel. 

It was a smaller get together because many people were out of town.  


We had a relaxed afternoon with  delicious chili and enough time to build toys for everyone.



                                                        Squawk & Play  May 22 2021

 The rise of the Phoenix party was great!  It was peaceful and harmonic.

We had over 35 flock members at the Hotel celebrating the rise of the San Francisco Bird Hotel after COVID.  

The story of the Phoenix rising from the ashes is about rebirth and renewal.

The same metaphor applies to the San Francisco Bird Hotel. The rise of the birds!

The rise of all living and flying beings we take care of day after day. 

20210522_150748 (1).jpg

Squawk & Play  April 24 2021


Yay !!!  We did it!  We are back. 

We had a group of 25 people over. It was so nice to see everyone again, to catch up, to talk and just relax for a few hours.

We had snacks and wine and just enjoyed the afternoon with our feathered friends.

We lost one full year of  Squawk& Play events  with the pandemic in 2020 and it is time to make up for lost times.  

Sign up to our Newsletter to be up to date with our event schedule of 2021. It will be epic. 


Our Events  2020 

The Leather Elves and the San Francisco Bird Hotel have teamed up! 

  "Boredom Buster Box "Party

leather elves.png
2 Bird Hotel address.jpg



Robin Shewokis Sullivan, the bird enrichment specialist and owner of the company

"The Leather Elves"  brought the "Boredom Buster Box" to life during the pandemic to entertain human and bird during the Shelter in Place order and made it possible to virtually share the experience.  The "Boredom Buster Boxes " contain single pieces of different materials, shapes and textures for building bird toys. The boxes exist in three sizes ( S, M and L). No two boxes are exactly alike. The single pieces per box are enough to build  7-10 individual toys!  This was fun!

Our events in 2019 


Squawk & Play  September 28 

"Oktober Feather Fest" 



O'zapt is! We may not be in Munich but we are right on time to chime in with the festivities...

Rent a "Dirndl" or "Lederhosen." Bring your favorite “Bier” or “bier stein,” an authentic “Bretzel” and, of course, your feathered friend! 

                 Saturday September 28, 2019  at 1:00 pm - 5:00pm 

       At Squawk & Play " Oktober Feather Fest" you'll enjoy: 

  • Drinking crafted beers (and wine)

  • Sampling sausages, pretzels, roast chicken, and other yummy German dishes

  • Competing in a filled beer steins carrying race for a prize 

  • Meeting new bird-loving friends 

  • Building festive, colorful parrot toys

  • Creating unique crafts with feathers


       Cheers to seeing you there!


      Squawk & Play  August 24

        "Hustle and Bump 70's disco party"  

Time to Boogie! Get on your way to a groovin' good time at “Squawk & Play: Time to Do the ‘Hustle and Bump’ 70’s Disco Party.”

It may not be Studio 54, but Axl, Lily, and, of course, Boogie all invite you to a 70’s disco party on

Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 1:00p.m. – 5:00p.m.

Bring your lava lamp, wear you platform shoes, bell-bottom pants and big hair.

Don't forget your bird. Get inspired and get down.



Squawk & Play  July 27

"Parrot Poetry Party"

Eddie, our Amazon parrot, serving as Director of Recreation and Entertainment at the Hotel, invites you to,

“Squawk & Play: Parrot Poetry Party” on Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 1:00p.m. - 4:00p.m.

Held in a cozy living room format, this literary event will encourage you to soar into the classics.

As we all know, some parrots are excellent at reciting but sometimes it’s just not poetry.

In our effort to promote avian literacy, we encourage both parrots and people to write and

recite a short (at least 3 lines) poem about birds.


To read some of the submitted poems please click here


Due to his extraordinary talents, Eddie, bonis avibus, became a scholar of the Latin language. He also devotes his time to classical music and poetry readings. He has integrated meditative activities for mind, body and feathers to the hotel’s entertainment schedule.

At “Squawk & Play: Parrot Poetry Party,” you’ll:


  • Get to show off your own writing skills in an ode to your bird/s and recite among fellow parrots and bird owners (3 lines minimum)

  • Compete for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prizes, e.g., wind spinners, select spa treatments, and one day/night stay for 1 bird

  • Savor sweets, nuts, fruits, salads, snacks, and wine

  • Squawk, screech and talk in the company of fine feathered friends and fellow bird owners

  • Get your poem signed by Eddie



Squawk & Play June 29 

 "Soar Into the Bird Hotel Circus" 


Step Right Up! Ring Master, Diamond, and troupers, Axl and Daisy, invite you to our complimentary circus, Squawk & Play: Soar Into the Bird Hotel Circus,  on Saturday, June 29, 2019 at 1:00p.m. - 4:00p.m.


Who doesn’t love the circus? The circus has  enjoyed one of the longest mainstays in culture, with some dating back to the 1700s. Instead of traditional circus criers announcing the show, enjoy caique, cockatiel, cockatoo, and conure criers, and get your picture taken in our circus photo booth. This event promises lots of fun and excitement for  birds and humans of all ages.


At Squawk & Play: Soar Into a Bird Hotel Circus,  you'll:

·Delight in Circus Peanuts, Popcorn, Pretzels, Apples, Ice Cream, and Wine
·Compete in Our Arcade for a San Francisco Bird Hotel T-shirt
·Get Your Picture Taken in our Circus Photo Booth
·See Yourself and Your Parrot in Carnival Mirrors
·Converse with Parrots
·Revel in the Camaraderie of Feathered Friends and Fellow Bird Owners


You Tube.jpg

Watch our Circus clip 

 Squawk & Play  May 18 , 2019 

“Build colorful toys for your bird"

Colorful bird foraging toys are critical for a parrot’s physical and psychological wellbeing.


This fun creative, social event allows you to make custom toys for your bird and make new friends. 

Some birds even like to help pick out the materials themselves! 


Squawk & Play: Creating Colorful, Engaging Toys for Your Parrot -- on May 18th from 1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.-- is ideal for new parrot owners or anyone who’s interested in spending an afternoon with their own bird(s) in a creative and playful setting with friends and family over appetizers, toy materials, and wine.


 Squawk & Play April 27, 2019 

“High Tea at the Hotel "

  • Dine on fine china in an English tea setting

  • Enjoy the camaraderie of feathered friends, like-minded fellow bird owners and their families

  • Relish spending time with your bird

  • Delight in a traditional, yet unique, English tea occasion

  • Savor crumpets, scones, cucumber sandwiches, fresh fruit, a fine assortment of teas, jams, jellies, and more

  • View our first hat competition where both birds  --bird gods be willing!--  and humans compete

  • Engage in a craft and painting session with all things hats, birds, and tea


Watch our "High" Tea" film

You Tube.jpg


Squawk & Play on March 30, 2019 

“Manzanita March Madness”

Manzanita wood has long been a favorite for exotic bird owners. It’s indelible strength for perches and bird stands is well known.

The wood requires a true craftsman to ensure smooth edges, proper fit and an aesthetic look to fit your parrot luxury accommodations and in-home environment. This month’s Squawk & Play, Manzanita March Madness, is great for new bird owners or anyone who is interested in spending an afternoon with their own bird(s) in a playful setting with friends and family.