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4 Fun and Interactive Games to Teach Your Bird

Despite the insult “birdbrain” that we commonly hear, birds are brilliant creatures. They can problem-solve, recognize faces, and even understand the meaning of words. That’s right - your feathered friend is much more intelligent than you might think! Therefore, keeping their brains stimulated is extremely important to their well-being. Here are some simple interactive games for pet birds that can help you to enrich your bird’s life and help you enjoy the company of your feathered friend better.

Hide And Seek

A classic hide-and-seek game is perfect for getting your pet bird interested in playing with you. You can start by simply hiding behind the couch or wall and making a clicking noise with your tongue. Your pet bird will likely try to find you by squawking at the top of their lungs, so stay out of sight until they get distracted by something else. Once they’ve forgotten about you, quickly pop out from your hiding place and try to get them to chase after you. Just remember to switch up the hiding spots regularly so your pet bird doesn’t get too used to the game.

Of course, remember to play in a safe environment for your bird. Cover furniture and reflective items as needed before you let your bird roam free.

Dance Party

This game is perfect for birds that like to get a little rowdy and wild. The best part about playing a game of Dance Party is that it’s not messy, and you can play anywhere at any time! To get started, all you have to do is start dancing around the house, and chances are your pet bird will soon join in. If your bird seems a bit shy and hesitant to dance, try to get them to join in by dangling some yummy treats above them. Bird play is a great way to get your pet bird interested in participating.

Shape Shifting Fun

Shapeshifting Fun is a great game to play with your pet bird if they’re a bit older, used to bird training, and they’ve been around for a while. First, try to find toys or items approximately the same size as your pet bird. Once you’ve found some good toys, try to get your feathered friend to chase them around the house by dangling the toys above them. Your pet bird will likely try to swat at the toy. Stay out of the way until their attention has been diverted. Once your pet bird has gotten used to chasing the toys, try to convince them to shift back and forth between their normal perched state and the toy they’re looking at. This is a fun and interactive game that will help your pet bird hone their shifting skills and improve its focus.

Welcome To the Jungle

This game is perfect for any bird that loves to climb and explore. It’s a great way to let your feathered friend be creative and discover new things. For example, you can try building a jungle for your bird with a few pieces of string or fabric. You can try making a little hammock or a small tent for your bird to explore. Building a jungle out of household objects is a great way for you and your bird to explore your creativity and discover new things around the house. It’s a fun and interactive game that will keep your bird engaged and entertained for hours. Make sure all items used are safe for birds, that there are no sharp edges or anything they shouldn't eat. perfect for this are shipping boxes or brown paper bags.

Pamper Your Pet at The San Francisco Bird Hotel

Bird play is a little different from bird training. While play requires some training, it’s not as in-depth. Games are a great way to help you get to know your feathered friend better and help them stay active and healthy. It’s essential to keep your pet bird stimulated and engaged so they can stay happy and healthy. It’s also an excellent way for you to build your bird’s trust and confidence.

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